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Jews have been the pioneers of the adult entertainment industry in the USA almost from the time of the early cinema producing porn movies for underground showings especially in brothels and private showings. As technology improved and social awareness for sex movies increased so did the increase for the demand for obscene movies in different niches. The first porn stars where actually prostitutes who were paid to have sex in front of the camera and later, as the adult industry grew regular girls and guys began to appear in sex flicks. Although many religious groups, including Jewish, were against porn, more and more Jews began participating in the adult entertainment industry either behind the camera or in front of it, making Jews in porn very dominant. 

The porn industry really took off after the Second World War when many soldiers came back and horny as hell after years of fighting. Since many of them were married and having an affair was not what they had in mind, using porn was a quick and easy way to relieve the pressure. One of the most popular inventions at the time was the peep show which was invented by Reuben Sturman who later became "the Bill Gates of porn", one of the most prolific and dominating porn producers in the 1970's. Another major porn pioneer was Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw magazine, which was one of the first adult magazines to show pubic hair and later full intercourse.

The golden age of porn in the USA was in the 1970's, an era where porn movies were viewed in adult theaters. The invention of the VHS video destroyed the theaters and allowed everyone to rent a porn video and watch it in the privacy of his home. In the 1980's three very famous Jewish pornstars who are still active today started their porn careers: Ron Jeremy Hyatt and Nina Hartley (born Nina Hartman), and Randy West (born Randy Abrams).
The sex video industry of the 1980's was a gold mine but none of the major players could have ever anticipated the explosion of porn once the internet was established and porn could be viewed by people around the world who didn't even have to leave their houses but just take their credit card out of their wallet, pay and enjoy more porn than ever before in history.

New Jewish porn entrepreneurs entered the adult industry and took it by storm. Mega porn producers such as Steve Hirsch and Bill Asher of Vivid Entertainment, Adam Glaser (Seymore Butts), and Seth Warshavsky who was the first to have online live sex shows with a pay per minute base, just like the peep shows of old-times inventedby Reuben Sturman. Their innovations and success have made the porn industry one of the most legal money making industries in the USA and the world.

The spread of the internet worldwide have made many Jewish pornstars known throughout the world. Jewish porn stars such as Joanna Angel, Israeli born Daphne Rosen, James Deen, Jayme Langford, Aries Stone, Isis Taylor, Stephanie Cane and many others are viewed on a daily basis having sex in porn movies by surfers in every corner of the globe.

Jews in porn will continue to be major innovators on and off the screen, producing porn movies for an audience that loves to watch people have sex in movies for their enjoyment and satisfaction alone or with their loved one and for that reason, as far as we are concerned, making porn is a mitzva.  
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